12 #AfterSex Selfies That Are The Epitome Of Regret

Snapchat has been the enabler for a lot of things:

  • Cute, candid moments at events.
  • Showcasing pretty selfies you don’t necessarily want to have on your social media profiles forever.
  • Nudes for dudes you probably shouldn’t be sending nudes to.
  • Dick pics for girls who don’t want to see that-ish.
  • Aaaaand last, but really not least, after-sex selfies which have kind of, sort of become a “thing”.
I don’t know about you, but the last thing on my mind post-romp is a 10 second selfie. I think about things like “where’s the pizza?” or “that’s it?” or “why is he still cuddling me right now?!”
These people totally nailed the look of instant regret and shame in one perfectly captured image next to someone whose first name they probably don’t know. They’re pretty much still images of the exact reaction that this cat is having when it finds out it slept with a banana.
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